California State Fair
Sacramento, CA; July
St. Croix sheep won awards at the 2010 California State Fair!
Dixon Lambtown USA
Dixon, CA; October
Agri Nature Tour
Mariposa, CA; April
Mariposa Butterfly Festival
Mariposa, CA; April/May
Oregon State Fair
Salem, OR; August
St. Croix sheep won awards at the 2010 Oregon State Fair!

How to get started showing your sheep at your state fair.

Interested in showing your St. Croix sheep but don’t know how or where to do it?  Take some tips from Dr. Ed and Linda Barnes of Portland, OR.  Several years ago, this couple wanted to promote the St. Croix breed in their area.  They went to the Oregon State Fair officials and requested to have their sheep as an “exhibit” breed at the fair.  They continued exhibiting St. Croix for three years and were joined by other breeders as well.  When enough St. Croix folks were exhibiting their sheep, the fair added official classes for the breed.  To make sure they had enough entries to continue that option, the Barneses recruited breeders from as far away as CA to attend and show at the Oregon State Fair.  Ed and Linda also donated lambs to children who were interested in raising sheep.  They subsidized the children so they would also show their St. Croix, and that added the family dimension to the Oregon State Fair venue.  Their efforts and enthusiasm have paid off in a big way: the OSF is currently the largest venue for showing St. Croix in the nation, and in 2010 they were the Featured Breed.

If there are fairs or shows in your area, contact the officials and find out what you need to do to have your St. Croix there.  It may begin with small numbers and no judged classes, but when the public is exposed to these sheep, interest is generated and opportunities open up.

Whenever you know of an event where you can show or display your St. Croix sheep, please contact our secretary using the Contact Us page with details.  Take pictures so we can include them in the newsletter and on the website.  If you can give advance notice about these events, we’ll put them on the website immediately so other breeders can become involved or attend.