Membership Requirements

Any person who wishes to register St. Croix Hair Sheep with the St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, must be a member with the current year’s dues paid in full. Animals which are the offspring of two identified St. Croix registered parents are eligible for registration if they meet the following requirements.

Registration Requirements

Sheep shall be eligible for registry if:

  • they are registerable or have been registered with the SCHSIA and the registrar can still connect sheep on the pedigree to sheep in our database. Original documentation is required by the registrar.  (SCHSIA registrations will be returned with the new SCHSB registration papers.)
  • they are descendants from registered St. Croix sire and dam,
  • they can be traced in all lines of descent to the initial flock imported from the St. Croix U. S. Virgin Islands to Utah by the International Sheep and Goat Institute in 1975, or
  • they are certified descendants of subsequent imports (including semen or embryo transfers) whose descendants are inspected and approved by the Association.


Physical Characteristics

  • Fiber —Hair that is shed annually and that is free from permanent wooly fiber.
  • Color —All white except pigment in the hooves; skin on lips, muzzle and around the eyes, colored hair limited to not more than one fourth of the ear (tip) or a spot anywhere on the body or head less than the size of a quarter.
    • Sheep meeting this color specification shall be designated with a W following their registered name.
    • Sheep not meeting this color specification which are the offspring of two St. Croix registered parents shall be designated with a C following their registered name.
  • Horns —Polled with the absence of scurs.
    • Sheep meeting this horn specification shall be designated with a P following their registered name.
    • Sheep with scurs of any size which are the offspring of two St. Croix registered parents shall be designated with an S following their registered name.
    • No horned sheep will be eligible for registration.
  • Soundness —Freedom from physical defects including mouth, back legs and feet, and udder or testicles and epidiymis.
  • Appearance —Must have a clean symmetrical appearance with moderately straight lines and appropriate muscling.

Letter Designations:

  • W — a white St. Croix sheep with limited color as defined above
  • S — a St. Croix sheep with scurs of any size, but without horns
  • P — a polled St Croix sheep (absence of scurs and horns)
  • C — a St Croix sheep with color markings that do not meet the W designation



All sheep must be continuously identified by ear tag, tattoo, or other permanent ID.


Send forms and payments to SCHSB,19508 Tiller Trail Hwy, Days Creek, OR 97429-9760; Phone: 541-825-8580
Any questions? Email