A person must be a member of the St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders in order to be able to register sheep.

Rules for Registration

The St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to foster, promote and develop the St. Croix breed of sheep in particular and sheep industry in general. It shall keep records of all sheep recorded in the Association, issue proper papers covering the same and perform any and all functions connected with the registration of sheep.  It shall receive and disperse the finances of the organization.

  1. Membership in the St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders is required for registry of sheep. The annual membership fee is $20.00.
  2. Sheep shall be eligible for entry that have complied with the Minimum Standard for Registry and Proof of Ancestry in Sections I and II of Article XI of the Constitution of The Association. Each sheep is subject to inspection by a person authorized by the Association as part of the registration process.
  3. The registration fee shall be $7.00 for each animal registered.
  4. The owner of the dam at the time she was bred shall be considered the breeder of the animal. The owner of the dam at the date of lambing and consequently of the lamb at date of birth shall be the first owner of the lamb and shall be so listed on the certificate of Registry. Subsequent ownership must be shown by transfer. The breeder, as a seller, shall provide to the owner (upon request) at the time the lamb is born, the necessary documents including flock name and number, breeding date and proof of ancestry required for registration.
  5. An application for registry to be complete shall be made on the Association form, fully completed, and certified to and signed by the breeder and first owner and accompanied by the proper fees. If the breeder and first owner are not the same, a Certificate of Breeding signed by the breeder may be accepted in lieu of his signature on the application for registry. If the breeder has recorded the sires numbers on the dams certificate prior to transfer, no Certificate of Breeding is required.
  6. All sheep shall be permanently identified in the right ear with the first owners individual number by means of tattoo or ear notches. In addition, the Association shall provide an Association Registry number which shall be placed in the animals left ear by means of an ear tag or tattoo.
  7. A transfer of ownership of a recorded animal shall be made by the owner/seller on the forms provided on the reverse side of its Certificate of Registry, and this transfer recorded in the office of the Secretary of the Association. A fee of $7.00 will be charged for each transfer. Registration and transfer of the same animal may be made at the same time by payment of proper fees for both registration and transfer.
  8. Members may be expelled for falsification of pedigrees or other willful misrepresentation, or conduct inimical to the best interests of the Association. Any member under sentence of expulsion or who wishes to challenge a decision made by an inspector shall have the right to appear before the Board of Directors or petition them by mail to present his case. The judgment of the Board of Directors shall be final in all matters pertaining to the above. All evidence covering the expulsion of a member shall be submitted in writing carrying the signature of the writer, together with a sworn statement covering such fraudulent actions or misrepresentation in detail.

(All prices quoted above are subject to change without notice, as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.)


Send forms and payments to 19508 Tiller Trail Hwy, Days Creek, OR 97429-9760; Phone: 541-825-8580
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