Login Instructions

Every St Croix Hair Sheep Breeder’s, Inc member will have an account created for them by the system once their membership is completed. There may be a delay while the membership process is under way. Once the account has been completed the member will be emailed their user name and password, assuming the correct email address has been given.

You do not need to use your user name and password to view to site, you will only use this to access special features available to members only!

Simply go to the website at http://stcroixsheep.org and click on the Site Access/Login menu option. Your user name and password will have been sent to you if you have a valid email on file. However, it can be determined by using the first four letters of the last name (in upper case) on the membership account followed by your membership number. For example, if your last name is Smith and your membership number is 45, then your user name will be SMIT45. Your password is always the same as your user name unless you have changed it.

When you have logged in for the first time please consider changing your password using the Site Access/Change Password menu option (only visible once logged in).

If you have any issues with this web site, please contact us using the Contact Us page on the site.