Breed Standards

General Appearance
The St. Croix is a hair sheep. It is of moderate frame size with a long muscle type/pattern and a well-sprung barrel. The coat is white and is shed each year.
Both sexes are naturally polled with no visible scurs. They have an attractive profile with the males exhibiting a “Roman” nose. Ears should be fine textured neither upturned nor drooping, giving the appearance of alertness. The eyes are large and clear. The head should be carried in an upright manner on a long graceful neck.
Top Line
The neck should join smoothly to the shoulder. There may be a dip in the topline immediately after the wither; the back then continuing in a lengthy manner to the point of the hip at which the croup drops at a relatively acute angle to the tail head. This angle is believed to facilitate the ease of lambing common in this breed.
The body should be symmetrical, deep and long when profiled from the side. St. Croix sheep are of moderate size and build when viewed from the front or back. The hips should be broad.
The forelegs should be straight with feet placed squarely underneath. The hind legs should not evidence “cow hocking” and the pasterns should be strong and upright.
St. Croix have a moderate volume of muscle. Muscling should appear long and well tied-in at the joints. Heavier muscling should be encouraged but not at the expense of overall breed type.
Ewes should have well formed even udders with two good teats. Rams should have two large, even, well developed testicles.
  • Fiber —Hair that is shed annually and that is free from permanent wooly fiber.
  • Color —All white except pigment in the hooves; skin on lips, muzzle and around the eyes, colored hair limited to not more than one fourth of the ear (tip) or a spot anywhere on the body or head less than the size of a quarter.
    • Sheep meeting this color specification shall be designated with a W following their registered name.
    • Sheep not meeting this color specification which are the offspring of two St. Croix registered parents shall be designated with a C following their registered name.
  • Horns —Polled with the absence of scurs.
    • Sheep meeting this horn specification shall be designated with a P following their registered name.
    • Sheep with scurs of any size which are the offspring of two St. Croix registered parents shall be designated with an S following their registered name.
    • No horned sheep will be eligible for registration.
  • Soundness —Freedom from physical defects including mouth, back legs and feet, and udder or testicles and epidiymis.
  • Appearance —Must have a clean symmetrical appearance with moderately straight lines and appropriate muscling.


Letter Deisgnations:
  • W — a white St. Croix sheep with limited color as defined above
  • S—a St. Croix sheep with scurs of any size, but without horns
  • P—a polled St Croix sheep (absence of scurs and horns)
  • C—a St Croix sheep with color markings that do not meet the W designation


All sheep must be continuously identified by ear tag, tattoo, or other permanent ID.

The St. Croix Hair Sheep Handbook contains all you need to know about showing your sheep!