Purposes of the St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders

  • To establish a central organization (within the United States) to register, promote, and develop the growth of the St. Croix breed of sheep
  • To define the distinguishing characteristics of the breed
  • To establish specific minimum standards for registering individual animals
  • To insure that individual animals meet specified criteria in order to be registered as members of the St. Croix breed


Click here for a PDF copy of the St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, ByLaws. (Bylaws updated 7/2021)


  1. An annual meeting of the membership of the Corporation shall be held at such time as the Board may designate for the express purpose of nominating Officers and Directors and considering such other business as may properly come before the membership.
  2. Regular meetings of the membership shall be held at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  3. Special meetings of the membership shall be called by the President, or by a majority of the Directors.


May 2013 Annual Meeting
2013 Annual Meeting minutes of the SCHSBI
Explanation of Breed Standards


June 2012 Annual Meeting
2012 Annual Meeting Minutes
2012 Secretary’s Report
2012 Treasurer’s Report