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Contact Yates Colby
: (509) 688-5168
: Creston, Washington, USA
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: $ 300.00
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Since I am away at work 12 hours a day, I have developed a flock of St Croix ewes that can just lay down & have their lambs with no muss or fuss. I keep & use rams that grow rapidly with good muscle cover. My sheep prosper on grass, alfalfa hay & custom sheep mineral specific for our area. Fecal egg counts show no need for deworming. Random biosecurity testing has shown my flock free of CL, OPP & Johne's. I document production traits and I look for sound conformation to create long lasting, useful sheep. Reg. St. Croix-$300 & up.
For the person looking for good, low maintenance, meat producing ewes or rams: F1 & F2 St.Croix crossbred sheep are also available-SC/Kat & SC/Dorper proven ewes & lambs. Crossbreds-$150 & up
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