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Looking for high quality St. Croix hair sheep? Contact one of the breeders listed on this page to find rams, ewes, and lambs to start or improve your flock.

If you would like your ad placed here (with or without photo), please send your information and photo to: . Questions? Call: 509-688-5168.


Grace & Joy Farms, for "Beautiful registered St. Croix Breeding Rams. $275. Born April-May, 2014. Raised on pasture, all natural, grass diet, hands off, low maintenance. Please contact Matt at 502-648-9484, or Located in Bloomfield, Ky.

November 2015

For sale: Two registered St Croix Rams born Feb/2015 priced $200.00 EACH. Cash payment only. Please call 325-669-6364 with questions. Located in Tyler, TX.

September 2015

Our ram lamb, born June 8, 2015, is registered, scrapie tagged, vaccinated and recently wormed. I've attached a photo and he's on the left in the photo. We're asking $300 for him. We're in CA. near Ukiah. "All Good Farm" in Potter Valley, CA. Contact Dimitri, (707) 743-1532.

June 2015

Three Registered St Croix Ram lambs for sale. 4 months old and ready for breeding. One is triplet, one is twin and one is singleton. Entire flock is OPP and Brucella ovis negative. They have been scrapie tagged, vaccinated and dewormed. Located in Washington, PA · Call 412-951-6300 · Email:

November 2014
Good quality young rams available—$250 each. Also taking deposits for 2015 ewe lambs. Hearty, healthy stock thriving in SE Texas. Contact Billy and Tam Hearnsberger, Mud Puddle Ranch, Joaquin, TX, 936-269-3839,

October 2014

For Sale: Registered 7 month twin ewe $250 contact Sheryl Sicard 985-839-9003

For Sale: 7 month twin ram $300 contact Sheryl Sicard 985-839-9003

October 2014

Registered St. Croix yearling ram. Stood Grand Champion Any Other Meat Breed at the 2014 Washington State Fair. Also was half of the Best Pair for Any Other Meat Breed. The judge described him as "powerful". Large twin boy sired by a Bennett ram and out of a Boogaard ewe. He is respectful of humans. Scrapie Codon tested RR. Health testing upon request. Located in eastern Washington. $400 Contact Yates Colby of Summit Farms 509-688-5168

October 2014

We have registered pure bred St. Croix for sale. We have 11 ewes & lambs and 5 rams. They are grass fed, many are born on our farm. We supplement with free range mineral bar and alfalfa pellets. We do not vaccinate and avoid chemical wormers as much as possible. $300 per registered ewe or ram. Lambs are a little less. May assist buyers with price break if getting groups or if they are looking for sheep without papers. Contact Pamela Schminke, Shalom Farm,

These sheep are low maintenance, good mothers, no sheering (they shed their fur) delicious meat, no hoof problems ever, very friendly and approachable.

August 2014
Daingerfield, TX. For sale: three registered rams, two born December 19 and 20, 2013 and other born April 4, 2014. Call or text: 707-718-0097.